Stantec GenerationAV™ Virtual Sessions

Accelerating Autonomy for You - Ask Stantec GenerationAV™

Autonomous vehicles are coming to your community. You need to be ready, and we can help!

Stantec GenerationAV™, Stantec’s team of AV industry experts, is offering a limited number of three-hour virtual sessions with four of our AV strategists. And because we view this as an opportunity to help us accomplish our mission of accelerating autonomy, we’re offering this opportunity for just $1,500 per session.

Within these sessions, our experts will share with you (and up to four additional people from your organization) the tools and strategies you need to plan for, assess, deploy, and oversee AVs in your community. Topics covered will include:
  • Community Readiness
  • Community Opportunity
  • Safety Review
  • Regulation Considerations
Available date: Tuesday, October 12. Sign up today for this incredible opportunity to learn about the Autonomous Vehicle market. If you’re interested in this opportunity, if this date does not work for you, please select “Alternate day” in the dropdown menu to the right and we’ll be in touch.

AV experts you’ll interact with:

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