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DebrisFlow Predictor is a two-dimensional agent-based landslide simulation that models complex behaviors of debris flows and debris avalanches. The simulations yield credible predictions of landslide runout, scour, and deposition along the path. Representative outcomes from the simulations are expected to contribute to the preservation of communities, the environment, and important infrastructure.

DebrisFlow Predictor uses 5 m x 5 m agents, deployed over a digital elevation model of the same resolution supplied by the user. Each agent acts on a set of rules that describe its ability to scour, deposit, move, create, and interact with other agents in successive timesteps. The rules are physically and empirically based and together describe typical debris flow behavior. Useful controls help the user calibrate behavior to their specific site.

The software is intended for use by landslide professionals with appropriate experience and training in debris flow behavior. It’s applicable to steep mountainous terrain with shallow, extremely rapid, flow-type landslides.

Stantec is pleased to provide specialized solutions to help manage landslide hazards and risk. In special circumstances, DebrisFlow Predicator can be made available for non-commercial use. Sign-up now to get more information.

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